LCFS Foundation

Together we can impact lives today and make a stronger world for tomorrow.

The LCFS Foundation is an investment fund, governed by a board and designed to help meet the current and future needs of the agency. The Foundation has grown through past, generous Legacy donations.

When you build a house, you have to lay a foundation – something solid and strong on which you can build so that the house won’t fall down. Gifts to the LCFS Foundation are cornerstone gifts that provide both long-term stability and yearly support impacting the lives of children and families today and our ability to be adaptive and responsive to their needs in the future.

To ensure the future of the agency, reduce our reliance on government funding and provide resources to support our staff and innovative programs and services, LCFS is embarking on a five-year Foundation Campaign – Together Today, Stronger Tomorrow. Starting in 2022, the goal of the campaign is to increase LCFS Foundation assets by $10 million – growing the total to $18 million. According to Foundation by-laws, LCFS can draw up to 10% of the balance each year for existing needs. That yearly support will be divided between programming and employee initiatives.


For more information, please contact Vice President and Chief Development Officer Cheryl Wendt at or (708) 907-1061.