LCFS provides trauma-informed counseling to assist individuals in building on their strengths to help them and those they love lead healthier and fuller lives.

In everyone’s life there are times when difficulties arise. Sometimes these issues can seem overwhelming, causing a person to feel hurt, angry, misunderstood, confused or without hope. At times like these, professional counselors at LCFS can help address those situations so that individuals can move forward with their lives.

LCFS’ counselors look at people’s lives in the context of their life experiences. We recognize that trauma may create a barrier to reaching full potential. We assist children, individuals and families in coping with and recovering from past traumas so that their functioning is enhanced and they can thrive.

The primary goals of trauma-informed therapy are empowerment and recovery through a collaborative relationship. Trauma can take many different forms, including a violent incident, history of physical or sexual abuse, death of a loved one, critical injury, illness, military-related trauma, loss of home, natural disaster, divorce, separation from family and more. LCFS focuses on helping people recover from trauma by using the individual(s) as a guide to determine what that means.

Counseling often involves:

  • Working through unresolved issues
  • Developing new and more effective ways of coping
  • Discovering options for problem-solving
  • Facilitating clear communication
  • Building and strengthening relationships
  • Helping people manage and create life goals


Individuals and families were supported through LCFS’ community counseling and AWARE services last year


Youth and their families within LCFS’ Child Welfare programs were provided with counseling support last year

Our Clients. Their Stories.

Be inspired by people telling their own stories of changing their lives for the better with the help of LCFS’ programs and service

Candice’s Story

Through work with her counselor, Candice has developed strategies to cope better and express her emotions more calmly.