We all deserve a second chance.
Help us give one to a young person.

All youth in our communities have worth and value no matter their challenges and mistakes. Today, there are too many youth who have fallen through the cracks because we, as a society, have decided that they are unworthy of supports and assistance.

Youth Served

LCFS designed the Regenerations program, in partnership with Youth Advocate Programs (YAP), Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) and in consultation with Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago, to work with adolescents who were involved with DCFS and the criminal justice systems AND were staying in detention facilities and/or jails months after they were scheduled for release because they had nowhere to go.

Regenerations is part of LCFS’ foster care program and serves youth age 12-21 who are in foster care and involved with the juvenile or criminal justice system. Youth referred to the program have faced many traumas and challenges, often leading to them making wrong turns in their lives. Thankfully, with the proper support systems in place, they can get their lives back on the right track.

Regenerations staff work to build relationships and supports for the youth, their identified caregivers and their families to transition the youth back to the community, strengthen stability and minimize recidivism.

Our Clients. Their Stories.

Be inspired by people telling their own stories of changing their lives for the better with the help of LCFS’ programs and services.

Cyvarius' Story

“LCFS is like a second family, when you are away from your real family. They keep you, the same way your family keeps you out of trouble…They make you work harder…”

Kenneth’s Story

“LCFS protected me in many ways, but the main way is they kept me with a place to stay.”

Amaranta’s Story

“LCFS taught me what family is really about. They turned my life around in a lot of ways. All the services have helped me grow.”


Regenerations youth avoided re-incarceration in a state facility