Roxana S News Story

Accepted, secure and unconditionally loved

As we celebrate 150 years of service, we want you to know just how important you are to us and more importantly the circle of support that surrounds the children and families we serve.

You don’t have to help. But you do. You choose to lift up children and families during their time of need. And for that we say thank you!

We recently received the following letter from Roxana accompanying a donation and with her permission wanted to share it with you. You can see first-hand how your support of LCFS really does make a life-long, lasting impact in people’s lives! A gift that keeps on giving …

Dear LCFS,

Happy 150th Anniversary. I hope you can continue for another 150 years! May God continue to bless your work for all the children and families needing help in the years to come.

I was born premature January 4, 1951 to an unwed teenage girl. Lutheran Child Protection Agency took custody of me on April 30, 1951. I was baptized May 1, 1951 in the Kinderheim in Addison, Illinois.

I was nine months old when brought to the family who would eventually adopt me. I had originally been placed as foster care only. However, a young caseworker named Ruth had a plan from the beginning that this was a match made in Heaven. The entire family embraced me as one of their own— lock, stock and barrel and refused to give me up without a fight when I became eligible for adoption. Ruth insisted she would do everything in her power to keep us a family. Ruth never wavered in her support and determination for me to remain where I was flourishing. God bless her for her faith and tenacity.

My father passed away in 2002 at the age of 85. My mother lived to 101 years of age, passing away in 2014. I thank God every day for giving me a family and allowing me to grow up in a place I felt accepted, secure and unconditionally loved.

Sincerely, Roxana M. Schultz

… Accepted, secure and unconditionally loved … Amen! Our wish for all of the children we serve. Thanks Roxana for sharing your beautiful life story with us!